First Blog Post ^__^

Hello Everyone!


I knew it would be a long process on creating a website. The website may seem very simple and basic, but has taken me some time to get here. Now, I actually have some spare time to work on it. I truly is about how comfortable you with creating a website (and lots of youtubing). I am feeling like an old lady because kids nowadays (do you hear how much of a grandma I sound like right now!!!) know how to create a website, especially one on here. Everything has a template, but I was still lost and confused. I was overwhelmed by how many options to choose from and not sure how it would look like with my crocheted and knitted creatures. 

But I am slowly getting there....very, very slowly. Thank you for being so patient with me. 


-Blog at least once a week with tutorials and new things I am creating.

-Keep my etsy shop up to date

 -Make sure the event list is current  and to include any upcoming classes

My next blog will be more exciting!


Talk to you soon